A Capital Partner for your Growing Business

We Provide Financing Between $500,000 and $3,000,000

Senior Secured Debt

Often in place of a bank.

Company characteristics often include:

  • Several years of operating track record with annual revenues in excess of $3 million
  • Inconsistent past financial results, but headed toward profitable growth
  • Unique collateral or higher than usual inventory levels

Mezzanine (subordinate to a senior lender)

Working with your bank.

Company characteristics often include:

  • Many years in business with annual revenues approaching $10 million or more
  • History of cash flow and positive outlooks for sustainable margins, profitability, and growth
  • Proven management teams with aligned performance-based financial incentives

Core Tenets & Foundational Investment Criteria

Our Experience developed through years of originating, managing, and being repaid on hundreds of loans – establishes our four essential core tenets to making good loans:

The depth and quality of relationship with the Borrower and web of meaningful connections to other stakeholders and the communities we serve are foundational..

A vital group of vested, experienced, and thoughtful stakeholders committed to a rigorous process and willing to ask difficult questions will make better loan/investment decisions than any individual would independently.

The clearest indicator of a Borrower’s success lies in its timely and accurate maintenance of financial books and records. Investments will focus on companies that demonstrate this core competency and loan structures will encourage, promote and reward excellence in financial management, reporting and continuous improvement.

Ensure loans are made only to companies led by a team of people that is intelligent, experienced, balanced, and mutually respectful—most clearly demonstrated when it is apparent that they enjoy working together.

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